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A Knock on the Door

It was just over 9 weeks ago when we received a knock on the door from the acting Interim Pastor of Boyertown Mennonite Church. His message was simple, we (BMC) voted this past Sunday to assimilate with another local community church and we believe 242 might be that church. Well, that knock was the start of God working ahead of us to write an amazing story for His glory.

This Sunday, January 14th, we as 2|42 Community Church will meet at Boyertown Community Church for our first official worship service in our new location. Both congregations have voted unanimously to continue coming together as one to impact the Boyertown community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What we have all witnessed over the past couple months can only be attributed to the Spirit's powerful working.

Our 2 years of faithfully praying for a more permanent location has been answered. After exploring 22 different options in and around Boyertown, God has set our roots in a new place with new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Looking forward to all God has for us as He continues to write our story. To God be the glory! Come join us, we would love to have you.

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